Seed and Stem Learning Center will be offering several math-based learning paths beginning next week (February 21st)

What is a Learning Path?

A Learning Path is a set of 3-5 classes that build towards mastery of math skills and standards.

What’s the benefit?

There are lots! Your learner and you get:

  • Curated collections of classes aligned on skills & standards, so learners can develop their math skills and easily find their next class

  • A list of skills your learner should have already mastered before enrolling, so they are in the Path that will meet their needs

  • Clearly defined learning goals for each class, tied to mastery-based assessments

  • Personalized feedback to inform you about your learner’s progress and level of mastery throughout and at the end of the Learning Path

Have confidence that your learner is being challenged by enrolling them in the classes that best meet their needs.

Use the coupon: ANDSTLEARN10 to receive $10 off any learning path!

You can find the catalog of learning paths below.

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