6th Grade Math Full Online Curriculum

6th Grade Math Full Online Curriculum

This semester long, flexible course will cover the 6th Grade Math Common Core Standards. Once purchased, you will receive a code to the classroom to access teh course.


The following topics will include the following:

Unit 1: Numerical Expressions

Week 1: Powers and Exponents/Order of Operations

Week 2: Prime Factorization/Greatest Common Factor

Week 3: Least Common Multiple and Unit Review/Test


Unit 2: Fractions and Decimals

Week 4: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Week 5: Dividing Mixed Numbers/Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Week 6: Multiplying Decimals/Dividing Whole Numbers

Week 7: Dividing Decimals/Unit Review and Test


Unit 3: Ratios and Rates

Week 8: Ratios and Using Tape Diagrams

Week 9: Using Ratio Tables/Graphing Ratios

Week 10: Rates and Unit Rates

Week 11: Converting Measures/Review


Unit 4: Percents

Week 12: Percents and Fractions

Week 13: Percents and Decimals

Week 14: Comparing and Ordering Fractions, Decimals, Percents

Week 15: Solving Percent Problems

Week 16: Percent Review


Due to the fact that this is an asynchronous course, students who are already taking 6th-grade math can enroll for additional support and practice. Homeschooled students can enroll in a complete 6th-grade math curriculum. Videos will be uploaded weekly along with practice assignments, homework, and additional resources. Students will use an assigned Google classroom to access all materials and homework.


The weekly schedule will include the following:

Monday: Pre-Recorded video lesson with exposure and instruction of the concept. Students will be given the assignment to complete by Thursday.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Students will work on their assignments on their own. They can message their instructor for additional assistance during this time.

Thursday: 2nd Lesson of the week will be posted


These math lessons will integrate real world and engaging topics. Students will be provided with several different options for homework every week which include visual, real world and concrete assignments. Students will have the opportunity to engage with one another through platforms such as Flipgrid and discussions on the Google classroom. 

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