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How do I Begin Homeschooling?

In the rapidly expanding world of digital learning, more families are considering teaching their children at home. According to the Department of Education, homeschooling families have doubled since 1999. But what is homeschooling? At its core, it is home education. There are many facets and areas that can complicate homeschooling to ensure that you are meeting the regulations and needs of your state. However, in the homeschooling method, the benefits often outweigh the complications. Educating your child at home will allow for a more organic form of education outside a typical classroom's walls. Taking on the responsibility of educating your child can be daunting, but there are many resources to help ensure that your child's education plan's needs are met.

Methods of Homeschooling

Because homeschooling is a more organic form of education, the parent gets to decide how education will be offered. There are a handful of things to consider when planning how to homeschool a child and some of the top ones are:

  • Requirements: Research your state's homeschooling laws to ensure you can meet them. It is also critical to consult with your local school district as they may have additional requirements to be completed.

  • Record Keeping: most states require that records of lessons and achievements are recorded and maintained.

  • Plan your curriculum: while homeschooling offers greater freedom in what can be taught, many states require specific subjects to be covered.

There are two significant portions to deciding what your method of homeschooling will be.

  • Know your child; to choose the best method and curriculum for homeschooling, you must understand your learner. What are their learning preferences? How can you cater to their preferences and challenge them to expand their viewpoints? What motivates your child to learn? These considerations will help you create the best homeschool plan for your child.

  • Find your homeschool curriculum; this will likely be the biggest hurdle in creating your homeschooling plan. Finding a plan that meets your family's lifestyle and learner's needs can be complicated. There are many places where virtual curriculums are offered. Seed and Stem offer virtual curriculums that meet the needs of young learners.

Considering Homeschool?

Seed and Stem offer complete stem curriculum courses for learners. Not only do we have a full curriculum, but we offer virtual support groups and support and feedback for homework and assignments. Contact Us to learn more about how we can help meet the needs of your homeschool education.

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