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What are the Benefits of Homeschooling?

In the rapidly expanding world of digital learning, more families are considering teaching their children at home. According to the Department of Education, homeschooling families have doubled since 1999. However, what is homeschooling? At its core, it is home education. There are many facets and areas that can complicate homeschooling to ensure that you are meeting the regulations and needs of your state. However, in the homeschooling method, the benefits often outweigh the complications. Educating your child at home will allow for a more organic form of education outside a typical classroom's walls. Taking on the responsibility of educating your child can be daunting, but there are many resources to help ensure that your child's education plan's needs are met.

Here are some of the top benefits of homeschooling:

1. Personalized Education

One of the most common benefits of homeschooling is personalizing education plans to the individual learner. This extends beyond the curriculum and into the where, when, and how of delivering lessons. This greater flexibility also allows parents and learners to move on from quickly learned topics and spend more time covering topics that are more difficult to pick up. Homeschooling also allows for many unique experiences often left out of traditional schooling. Many homeschooling parents engage their children in the real world through museums and other first-hand experiences. More engaging lessons have been proven to be more effective with young learners.

2. Self Discipline

One often overlooked benefit of homeschooling is the instilled sense of self-discipline many young students do not get. Leaving the rigid schedule of traditional schooling, it is still essential to remain on task throughout the school year. Especially for learners on self-paced digital learning plans, students will learn how to set and meet personal goals.

3. College Prep

While many educational responsibilities and requirements still must be met, many homeschooled children often find that they are more prepared for college education than their peers. Free from the confines of the classroom, parents can teach students to become a master of the subject rather than ensuring a classroom passes standardized tests or other perfunctory tasks to retain funding. Additionally, the self-discipline mentioned above helps homeschool students prepare for independent learning outside the classroom.

4. No Risk of School Violence

While an uncomfortable truth, learning from home eliminates the risk of school violence that plagues American Education. Teaching your child in a homeschool environment puts you in charge of their safety and ensures you know their whereabouts daily.

Considering Homeschool?

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